Law Offices of Seth Grossman...
General Hourly Rate:
$250 per hour
Flat Fees
Basic Chap. 7 (One person):  
$1065.00 + $335.00 court costs = $1,400.00
Basic Chap. 7 (A qualifying couple):     
$1265.00 + $335.00 court costs = $1,600.00
Basic Chap. 13:                        
 $2,390.00 & $310.00 court costs = $2,700.00
Business Owner/Self-employed Chap. 7: 
$1,800.00 + $335.00 = $2,135.00
Business Owner/Self-employed Chap.13:
$2,800.00 + $310.00 = $3,110.00    
(Additional fees will be applied for more than 12 creditors at regular hourly rate for additional preparation. Additional fee of $200 when spouse/domestic partner is added to other bankruptcy cases.)
Formation of Corporation, PC, or LLC:  
$750 (includes filing fee, kit, and seal)
(Extra fee at $250 per hour to prepare agreement between partners, shareholders, members)
Uncontested (i.e. no disputes on any issues), no difficulty in locating and delivering papers to spouse:  $1,300 plus filing fee
Landlord Tenant
Evict for Non-payment of Rent: $350 plus filing fee

Evict for violation of Terms of Lease, Late Payments, Loud & Disorderly, etc: 

$400 plus filing fee if case is completed on the day of the first court appearance. If case cannot be completed during the day of the first court appearance, and if one or more other court appearances are need, client shall pay law firm for such other court appearances at the rate of $250 per hour.
Prepare Legal Forms Needed to Evict Tenants for Reasons Other than Non-payment of Rent (for example, Notice to Cease, Notice to Quit, etc.):  $100

Prepare Warrant of Removal (if tenant fails to leave after being ordered to do so):  $100 plus court costs

Notice to Tenant on Not Returning Full Security Deposit:  $150

Real Estate
Prepare Agreement of Sale (simple, existing one unit structure or condo):    $250
Review Agreement of Sale Prepared by Others (simple, existing one unit structure or condo):  $175 to $275
Disapprove a Contract Prepared by a Realtor within 3 day Attorney Review Period: $225
Attend Closing through South Jersey Title Company with Licensed Realtor:    $750
Attend Closing through South Jersey Title Company w/o Licensed Realtor:     $900
Prepare Deed for Closing at Title Company:  $85
Prepare Deed and file with Clerk:  
$150 plus county clerk recording fees & taxes

Wills, Estate, Probate

Advanced Health Care Directive (Living Will):  $125

Durable Power of Attorney:  $150

Simple Will:   $200
Second "Mirror" Simple Will for Spouse:  $150
(Additional fees for "Unnatural Wills" likely to be questioned or contested are
quoted upon evaluation.)